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Ask Nuna - Chinese Company Diligence


When you’re searching for a partner in China you need the right tools to ensure you’re working with a legitimate manufacturer, exporter, or business.

As a joint venture with one of China’s largest financial technology companies, LianLian Pay we have exclusive access for our clients to China’s financial and government databases, allowing us to perform an in-depth validation process with greater accuracy than anyone else.

And it’s that proprietary intelligence in our reports that let you know if you’ve found a partner who’s licensed, trustworthy, and free from complaints or ties to shady companies–protecting your business and your bottom line.

Certificate validatioN

Don’t let fake certificates derail your business. We translate, validate, and authenticate business certificates for you.

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Company verification

Confidence in your partner is crucial. Knowing they’re legitimate is critical. We deliver your detailed company verification report in just 2-3 days.

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enterprise Diligence

You can’t wait on independent checks; you’re working at scale. We provide programmatic verification diligence and compliance products to meet the needs of any business at any size.

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