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Ask Nuna - Chinese Company Diligence

select a partner in china with confidence.

For businesses who wish to partner with companies, manufacturers, and exporters in China, we provide critical tools to help protect your business and interests.  Our reports help you to understand whether the company you are working with is legitimate and licensed, has outstanding complaints or judgements against them, as well as whether they are linked to other untrustworthy entities.

As a joint venture with LianLian Pay, one of China’s largest financial technology companies, we have proprietary access to China’s financial and governmental databases.  This allows us to validate Chinese companies in more depth and with higher accuracy than other foreign entities.


Company verification

The verification report from Nuna Network will help you to review information about a manufacturing partner in China. Once you provide the company name and website, we will research the company’s business credentials, physical location, and other critical criteria to evaluate the company. Reports are typically completed in 1-2 business days.

Download a sample report and learn more.

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