Accurate, Verified and Frictionless KYB for APAC businesses.

Access comprehensive, verified information about any registered Chinese company via API, a self-service portal, or through custom integrations. Our data and monitoring solutions power intelligent KYC and due diligence applications for financial institutions, marketplaces, legal professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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Make smart decisions about Chinese companies with ease

Nuna Network helps you make smarter decisions to select and manage your partners in China.

Comprehensive and Accurate

From licensing, to intellectual property, to legal judgements, we cross check information from multiple databases and translate it for you on demand.

Fast, unlimited, and easy to use

Why wait three days to make a decision? We provide you immediate access to the facts you need about as many companies as you can think of — in English.

Our monitoring gives you peace of mind

We don't like surprises, either. Set alerts to monitor specific companies and always know when something changes.

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About Us

Nuna Network was founded in 2018 to to provide accurate, comprehensive data on registered companies in China. We offer solutions to help companies do business and build trust between China, and the Americas and Europe.

Our HQ is located in New York City.